Frequently Asked Questions

Payment & Payment Plans

We request payment on the day of treatment. An estimate can be provided upon request.

As treatment can be costly, a payment plan can be arranged. Please ask. All Orthodontic treatment is provided with plan of monthly payments.

Health funds

On-site Hicaps machine so rebate can be processed at time of appointment, just bring your card or download your health fund App to your mobile (selected funds only).

How many teeth do I have?

Each child has 20 teeth (ten in upper jaw plus ten in lower jaw), that erupt between the ages of birth to 2 1/2 years old.

Each adult has 32 teeth (sixteen in the upper jaw plus sixteen in the lower jaw). The first adult molars erupt at the age of six years old. Most people do not have adequate space for their wisdom teeth, so these are usually removed between the ages of 16-25 years old.

How often should I change my toothbrush?

Your toothbrush should be changed once the bristles are bent or shaggy dog appearance as the toothbrush is not effective in cleaning your teeth. This is usually between three to six months.

Is there a difference between a manual and powered toothbrush?

A powered toothbrush has a rechargeable battery that usually gives a better clean that a manual brush. A powered brush with a pressure sensor is recommended when you brush too hard, as a light indicates when too much brushing pressure is applied.

Why should I clean my teeth?

Together with a diet low in sugar, cleaning your teeth reduces your risk of getting decay or holes in your teeth. It is also important for gum and bone health.

What can I use to clean between my teeth?

A toothbrush cannot clean between your teeth. There are many aids to clean between your teeth. These include floss, tape, superfloss, floss sticks, reach flosser, and small brushes such as Piksters. Ask your dentist for the appropriate product for you.

Bad Breath

The most likely causes of bad breath are odours from your stomach, adenoids and tonsils, gum and bone disease or an unclean tongue. Clean the top surface of your tongue once a day using your toothbrush, tongue scraper or tongue cushion situated on the end of certain toothbrushes.

Payment Schemes

Health funds, Child Dental Benefit Scheme CDBS, Veterans’ Affairs, TAC