Teeth Extraction including Wisdom teeth

Are wisdom teeth bothering you? A radiograph (opg) and examination will determine your options. Leaving impacted wisdom teeth in your mouth can lead to infection, damage to adjacent teeth, earache and joint pain.

When a tooth cannot be saved, then the tooth requires removal. This can be undertaken in our clinic with local anaesthetic.

Grinding, Clenching and Joint Pain

The nighttime habit of grinding (rubbing your teeth together) or clenching (biting hard continuously) can damage teeth, muscles and joints. We look for early signs of problems at our examination. If you are having problems, then we can assess and offer advice and treatment availabilities.

Sports Mouthguard

Mouthguards are essential for any person playing contact sport, where risk of trauma to the face is possible. Mouthguards protect against tooth fracture, tooth loss and jaw fracture. And don’t forget to wear it during training!

Snoring Appliances & Sleep Apnoea

Having snoring issues? Want to find out more about sleep apnoea? There is an oral nighttime appliance that is available.  Visit us to see if it is suitable for you.