First Visit (for Children)

We recommend a visit from the age of three years.

This visit entails a full dental examination and gentle clean, with the child lying in the dental chair, with parental/guardian support.

However, if you can see discoloured teeth or any other problems then do not delay.

General Check-up and clean for Children

This visit Involves an Examination and gentle Clean or Polish. Radiographs are usually taken at the age of 6 years when the permanent first molars have erupted.

This visit can also includes Advice on Crowding and bite (Orthodontic) requirements (now or in the future), Preventative care and Home Care. Any recommended treatment is explained and a estimate given.

Straighten Teeth (orthodontics)

You can have a Consultation on Orthodontic treatment options (for now or for in the future). Treatment Options includes appliances to utilize growth for pre-teens, and braces for teenagers and adults


All back teeth have grooves on their biting surfaces. Deeper grooves are more likely to get decay as the tooth brush cannot get in. Sealants are a long lasting coating to protect these grooves from decay.

Thumb sucking (and tongue thrust)

Worried about changes to the jaws and teeth of your child? All our children examinations assess for oral habits and offer advice and possible treatment. Ask us if you have a concern about your child.

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