Emergency visits are available.  At these visits, pain relief is a priority. Ring us as soon as possible-our office opens at 8.00am.

Oral pain that wakes you at night is indicative of a toothache.

Swelling, Pimple on your gum or Abscess

Swelling, Pimple on your gum or Abscess are signs that there is trouble in your mouth. Treatment is usually required antibiotics rarely fixes the problem. Come and get it check out as soon as possible.

Individual Teeth

Have you cracked a filling or a tooth? Lost a filling? Most can be fixed at the time of the visit. Just tell us when you ring us.

Wisdom teeth

Are they bothering you? A radiograph (opg) and examination will determine your options.

Leaving impacted wisdom teeth in your mouth can lead to infection, damage to adjacent teeth, earache and joint pain.

Gums Sore or Bleeding

Gums and bone around your teeth are needed to keep your teeth in your jawbone.  So it is never too late for care of your gums and bone to keep your teeth. They often just need some TLC. Come and see us for a comprehensive examination.

Jaw Joint & Muscles

Overworked joints and muscles casue discomfort. Come and see us to nurture them back to health.

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